At first, we prepare the surface area. Remove all displays, furniture, equipment, and other objects. Carefully scrape adhered debris from the floor and dust mop the entire area. Apply the stripping solution to the floor with the Liquidator. Allow the solution to dry for at least 10 minutes. Scrub the area to be cleaned with a machine from side to side while dispensing solution. Remove the dirty solution with the Guzzler at a rate of 25,000 square feet per hour. Apply up to six coats additional finish. At the end, we polish the floors.
We offer commercial floor cleaning for: vynil, tile, marble, concrete, slate, ceramics, quarry and more.
It includes complete floor stripping, sealing ( two coats of sealant), floor finishing (four to six coats of finish), scrubbing with UHS, floor finishing recoated (four to six coats of additional finish) and floor burnishing (2400-2800 RPM) All services can be performed quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
With light traffic the waxed area can be walked in 3-4 hours, with heavy traffic it takes up to 12 hours depending on temperature, humidity, etc.
Yes, we are licensed and insured. Call: (757) 560-4600